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Earbits - Artist-Driven Online Radio

“Serious musicians only gig, record - that’s their life and we want to create an outlet for them to be heard”

Joey Flores, Yotam Rosenbaum and their 10 piece funk and hip hop band The Capitalist Hippie Complex were on the road to success: they got great reviews for their first CD, opened for the Grammy-winning group Arrested Development and were ready to take on the music world.

But after two years of putting hard work and their own money into promoting their music, dust had settled on the CD-boxes next to their piano, trumpet and drum set. Yotam and Joey were as frustrated as most independent artists working outside of big labels making music beyond the mainstream. But they did something different than their fellow-frustrated-artists: they decided to create the missing link between dedicated musicians and fans of their work. With the help of  tech-savvy Benjamin Bryant they created Earbits - commercial free online radio playing hand selected music in several genre-sections. Tune in and you can browse between Indie Rock, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Country, Hard Rock and Americana or be surprised by the Shuffle Mix. You will be surprised anyway because Earbits is different from the  established online-radios you might know. You will hear music you never heard before. You will discover new voices and sounds. You will ask yourself why you never heard of these artists before. You will start a music-expedition through all the genres, skipping songs, changing categories whenever you want, collecting information about music and artists. If you are a musician you might want to submit some of your songs to Earbits. After only about two months on the air they have close to 600 artists in their catalogue, almost 1500 fans on Facebook and of course an iPhone App. Listening is and will be free. Once all the kinks are worked out artists will have to pay for airtime. In return they get among other things 100 percent of the revenue from ticket and music-sales, user-data and an online-connection to fans. All of that will be organized and updated by the Earbits-people. At the moment they are working on Hip Hop and Rap segments and their Country-Music-connection at, on adding more specific categories, hiring associates and on funding. Once everything is running smoothly Joey and Yotam will go back to what they really love - making music that will sure be playing on Earbits.

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