Stories From California

Food is Just Everywhere

A guest entry by my intern Lena Sch├╝tz

Food is everywhere: fast food restaurants, delis, diners, food trucks and food courts.

When it comes to the omnipresence of food, the US definitely confirms all prejudices. But being exposed to images of burgers and Co. even while watching television was new for me: flame-grilled chicken, pizza with dripping extra cheese, stuffed tacos, gigantic paper cups full of chicken wings, 6-inch sandwiches, French croissants with meat and cheese. And of course - everything served with a coke, please!

The most bizarre thing is that these advertisements are followed by commercials for Weight Watchers and TV-shows like The Biggest Loser. In these ads people like you and me tell us about how many pounds they lost during the last months. To illustrate their achievements they often hold their pants, which have become too big, into the camera. Celebrities like Jennifer Hudson want to make the audience believe that everyone can reach their personal dream weight with the help of Weight Watchers: Weight Watchers, because it works!

It is typical of the US that two extremes collide. People are either slim, active and body-conscious or fat. Actually, it is not stupid to show these ads back-to-back. Weight Watchers indirectly depends on fast food chains.

Personally I have the feeling that just by watching the commercials I already ate all the dishes they show - which makes me lose my appetite.

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