Stories From California

Cornelia Funke, Malibu CA

The adress was in Malibu, close to Zuma Beach, one of my favorite places in the whole wide world! Just before getting there the GPS told me to turn right. I crossed a dry river bed and arrived at a big gate. After passing that it was only a short drive to Cornelia Funke's house. I was there to interview the bestselling and award winning writer and illustrator about the Book Truck.

The Book Truck brings brand new Young Adult books to teenagers in Los Angeles who have never owned a book. Cornelia sponsors the truck and was happy to talk with me about the importance of reading, of having a friendly, knowledgable, and well read book seller at its helm and about writing for young adults. But before we got into all this, two big puppy dogs welcomed me at the door. ...

FunkeDogs"I also have ducks and donkeys," the writer said and took me on a tour of her property. She changed the water in the duck's big cage, and threw two big bales of straw on the donkey's pasture. "I love to work with animals and in nature," Funke explained. "It is the perfect break from writing my stories at the computer or in my notebooks.

We finally sat down in her writing shack with beautiful views of her property: sycamore, palm and eucalyptus trees, a meadow, drought resistant flowers and cacti.

After the interview, I left Cornelia Funke's home carefully balancing a few duck eggs on the passenger seat.


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