Stories From California

Donkeys - Malibu, CA

Happy Times.
Peace. Stillness. Dunkeys, Ducks and Dogs. Gratitude.

Brainstorming with a successful writer, I am excited about all the possibilities ahead of me, and frankly just by the fact that I am sitting here with her. This is L.A. living at its best: We are just minutes from the beach, sitting among donkeys, ducks and dogs, surrounded by mountains, avocado trees and ancient sycamore trees. She gets up to feed the ducks and I walk with her ...

The dogs tag along. One of them is chewing on an avocado while the writer drains the little duck-pool, and fills it up with fresh water. Ducks poop a lot! These ones also lay two eggs every day.

The writer picks up a huge bag of dry worms, grabs a few handfuls and spreads them across the duck cage floor. We take the two eggs the ducks have left in one corner of their pen and move towards a mini barn. It stores bales of straw. They are for the donkeys who are already waiting, coming to the fence to great us.

Their ears are soooooo soft! And much bigger than I thought donkey ears are. Can I take one home? Please?!

The writer leads me to a little meadow at the top of the hill. We look down at her urban oasis. How cool is ll this? Not even an hour away from the hustle and bustle and noise of the big city. I hope, I will be back soon.

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