Stories From California

Joggers and Dog Walkers - Culver City, CA

All day long whenever I turned on the radio, I heard about Washington and "THE MEMO". When I turned on the computer, I read about "THE MEMO". I heard people being angry, upset, confused and fed up. It was time to take a break. I stepped outside to take a walk along the creek close to our house. I looked around while I was walking, and I got happier with every step. I heard and saw

JOGGERS - fast and slow, well-toned and chubby,

DOG WALKERS- one trying to teach a tiny dog to sit, another keeping a slow pace with her Saint Bernard and a giant Scottish Sheep Dog,

A HOMELESS COUPLE settling in for the night on two benches,

BIKERS riding fast in formation or cruising along while talking about sports,

BIRDS: Ducks, sea gulls, crows and cranes,

Evereybody under the big blue sky. And nobody talking about a memo.

Time to breathe.



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