Die Flüchtlingsrevolution

Die Flüchtlingsrevolution - Wie die neue Völkerwanderung die ganze Welt verändert

Wie die neue Völkerwanderung die ganze Welt verändert

Authors: Die Weltreporter, i.a. Kerstin Zilm

Refugees are found everywhere in the world. The whole globe is in motion. People are escaping from war and violence, from inequality and prosecution, fearing the destruction of their home land and a bad future for their children. The United Nations Refugee Agency registered 60 million refugees in 2015. The Weltreporter met refugees all over the world and wrote down their stories. They also documented ideas and plans about how to meet those changes with innovative ideas.

For my story, I accompany a mother from El Salvador and her son who followed her to Los Angeles. Lidia left the shadows of her life as an undocumented immigrant to represent him in court. They tell me about their dangerous trips to the North, their disappointments, hopes and courageous steps to fulfill their 'American Dream'.

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