Stories From California

A Small Town Woman Who Went Into The World


The local paper calls me a "writer and journalist, a woman from Müllheim who went into the wide world ... observing life in California." 

It is a funny feeling to be written about as a journalist. Hey, I am supposed to ask the questions! I am supposed to decide what makes it into a story and which details can be disregarded.

But I have to admit: the journalist reviewing my reading in my former class mate's book store right in the heart of the small town where I grew up got it right. This insight comes as a surprise. If she is right, I am and do exactly what I wanted to be and do when I left Müllheim after graduating High School: go out into the world, explore, discover, observe and write about it.

Looking into the familiar faces of family, friends and teachers from school while reading from my book about California and talking about my life, I feel at home. Not only the friendly faces are comforting. On my trip I recognize sounds and smells and views and tastes from childhood and youth. 

BlogHomeThere are the "Kirchenglocken" - delicate but powerful sounds from the two church towers, a steady rhythm of this town, ringing from the valley up to Black Forest mountain peaks. Then there is the refreshing 'Plätschern' of fountains on market places and along hiking trails. At night I listen to echoes of nightly steps on deserted 'Kopfsteinpflaster'-Gassen.

I know how to translate those words into English. But suddenly I am aware that those translations don't capture the emotions and memories that for me are closely linked to what I hear and see.

I know - I am a radio reporter, I should have recorded those sounds. You should find a link to those sounds right here. Well, I did not record anything. I was back home to visit family. I was home to read from my book about my life in California. I did not even bring my recorder. I wanted to be "in the moment".

Very California, right? 

The truth is: I have also become an observer of my home town, of those familiar faces, sounds, views, smells and tastes. I realize how deeply I am connected with all of this. But my home now is Los Angeles, which greeted me at the airport with its warm mix of sunshine, pollution, stern immigration officers and colorful mix of human beings.

I am loving it and I will keep on exploring, keep being a woman from a small German town who went into the wide world to observe and write about it.

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