Stories From California

Sometimes I want to write more than just journalistically about my experiences as a reporter. That is why I started to write down my thoughts, observations and emotions beyond scripts for radio, print and TV. This experiment is a lot of fun and scary at the same time. But, as they say, you have to get out of your comfort zone.

The Flower Lady, del Rey, L.A.

She stands there like a human statue for grace, strength, beauty and perseverance every weekend. Morning until dusk. Rain or sun. Heat or cold. Living and breathing, but not moving. Not when I wait for the light to change or drive by. Faded red visor, light jacket over a colorful skirt, pink crocs sandals, a bouquet of flowers in her hand and more bouquets in a basket next to her. White lilies mixed with bright red flowers. Always white lilies.  

Her spot is at the end of a freeway ramp. Exhaust fumes, speeding cars and customers in a hurry. I wonder when she eats and drinks. ...

Whose Streets? Downtown Los Angeles, CA


Standing among thousands of protesters at the Women's March in Downtown LA, I was most happy about seeing so many young faces around me. Young women were climbing fences, bus shelters and flower pots to make their signs seen and voices heard. Their shouts are loud. Their signs are funny and on point. OK, some were gross - like the close up of

It's Complicated - An Oral History Project

"Our students often don't have an elder to talk to. They left them behind in another country."

ManualArtssmall At a South Los Angeles High School

I was heading to the first volunteer session for one of my favorite writing programs expecting a few fun hours spent with students. Our task was to prepare them for interviews with elders from their families and later support them in writing stories about what they heard.

I figured that this assignment would be easy for me. I prepared a thousand interviews in my reporter life. At least! So I could not wait to meet the students and hear the stories they were about to collect.

The task turned out to be very different from what I had expected. Not only had I completely forgotten that most teenagers find it anything but exciting to sit down with their parents or grandparents for an intimate interview. I also had not thought about the possibility that some of these children do not really have an elder in their family to interview ...

When The Moon Is Up - Stories From Watts

This year has been full of new adventures for me, so many and so exciting adventures that I sometimes forgot to update this blog and write about them.

But I absolutely do not want to end this year without mentioning one of my favorite experiences of 2017: volunteering for the non-profit 826LA, which supports students finding their voices, telling stories in their own words and finding the confidence within themsleves to create the stories of their life. 

"When The Moon Is Up" is one of the books they created during the year. I was lucky enough to support a few students at Alan LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy for this project and am happy to share some of their experiences here. 

Thank you Myke Dodge Weiskopf for the mix!

Happy New Year! Go and tell your stories!

[link to the book]

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