Stories From California

Sometimes I want to write more than just journalistically about my experiences as a reporter. That is why I started to write down my thoughts, observations and emotions beyond scripts for radio, print and TV. This experiment is a lot of fun and scary at the same time. But, as they say, you have to get out of your comfort zone.

Public Library - Culver City, CA


First there is the call: your books have arrived and are ready for pick up. Then there is the walk towards the library's book shelves looking for my name. Sometimes I have forgotten what I ordered. Most of the times, I am really excited because I know what is waiting for me: a poet I want to discover, a first time female novelist I hope to learn from, a self improvement book to finally teach me how to find my real inner voice. And use it.

Today FOUR books were waiting for me! I picked up one more on the way out....

Coyote - Playa Vista, CA

"The coyote is a teacher of hidden wisdom with a sense of humor."
"A trickster and a jokester in Native American folklore, using deception and humor to rebel against social conventions"

"Coyotes Active In This Area" warns a sign at the side of the path close to our neighborhood. I came to stretch my legs and get my blood pumping after too many hours in front of a computer.

Are coyotes cowering behind bushes watching me walk by? Are solitary animals howling from these hills at night? If the traffic noise rising from the streets below would stop, would I hear woofs and growls, huffs, barks, yelps and whines? I look around ...

LOVING IT - Mar Vista ArtWalk

"It is inspiring to see art and music and get a feeling of community."
"To see a punkshow, peacefulness and friendliness - it was a really good time."
"In Los Angeles you don't know your neighbor. Everybody does their thing.
To see people out and connect - I love it!"

I could not believe what I was experiencing when I discovered the Mar Vista ArtWalk about two years ago: artists on every sidewalk, open businesses until 10 PM, a furious tapdancer interpreting music from a fierce guitar while a painter created a new piece of art with colorful brush strokes next to them. Most of all I felt a sense of community. It was all a bit funky and super fun.

I fell in love on the spot.

Now I am part of the glorious team that puts this event together every three months.

One of our main tasks: keeping it fun and funky. Hear what the neighbors have to say: 


please send your comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Farmers' Market - Mar Vista, CA

Among the avocado stands, falafel samples and activists hoping to reverse bike friendly lane changes on a major thoroughfare her cards stand out: dream like visions of women in splendid colors.

Third eyes.
Story lines on open hands.
Skulls and wings.
Roots, leaves, lace and butterflies.

"Want to pick a card?" the artist dares me with a warm smile and sparkle in her blue eyes. She is ready to play. Am I? Sure!

I pick a card from her set. Fire red is the first thing I see. Or is it bood red? Eyes looking right at me. Is that the setting sun behind her or a rising moon? An underwater bubble? Winter fields in Eastern Europe? Full lips. A butterfly at the throat.

"Find Your Voice", the card encourages me.

Well, you would think that as a radio journalist that's what I do all day: find and use my voice. Speaking into a microphone. Heard through speakers. So what about my voice?

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