Stories From California

Sometimes I want to write more than just journalistically about my experiences as a reporter. That is why I started to write down my thoughts, observations and emotions beyond scripts for radio, print and TV. This experiment is a lot of fun and scary at the same time. But, as they say, you have to get out of your comfort zone.

Betrunken von Orangenblüten

Wer in dieser Jahreszeit durch Los Angeles fährt mit offenen Fenstern, besser noch mit offenem Verdeck oder am Allerbesten mit dem Fahhrad, kann besoffen werden - und das ohne einen Schluck Alkohol zu trinken.

Weltpremiere: Schüler-Skype Los Angeles - Afghanistan

“Welche Noten hast du?” “Was sind deine Lieblingsfächer?” “Was machst du nach der Schule?” “Kannst du kochen?” “Wisst Ihr, was Tennis ist?” Das waren ein paar der Fragen, die sich Teenager der Windward School aus Los Angeles und der Kodoala Drab Schule in der Helmand-Provinz von Afghanistan stellten.

Random Acts of Kindness

What would you do if a friendly lady in her mid-30s approached you--a big smile on her face, a colorful tote hanging from her shoulder, a ziploc-bag of cookies in her hands--offering you her treats? For free! Nothing expected in return!

Nuclear Reactions: “Ignorance is Bliss”

I don’t get it! Why are Californians so relaxed about the two power plants that are standing right at their shore in tsunami zones and near earthquake faults? There is the Diablo Canyon Power Plant near San Luis Obispo and the San Onofre Plant north of San Diego. A new active fault was discovered near Diablo Canyon a few years ago and scientists now say that San Onofre could experience even larger seismic activities than the maximum 7.0 magnitude earthquake that was predicted when the plant was built.

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