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LOVING IT - Mar Vista ArtWalk

"It is inspiring to see art and music and get a feeling of community."
"To see a punkshow, peacefulness and friendliness - it was a really good time."
"In Los Angeles you don't know your neighbor. Everybody does their thing.
To see people out and connect - I love it!"

I could not believe what I was experiencing when I discovered the Mar Vista ArtWalk about two years ago: artists on every sidewalk, open businesses until 10 PM, a furious tapdancer interpreting music from a fierce guitar while a painter created a new piece of art with colorful brush strokes next to them. Most of all I felt a sense of community. It was all a bit funky and super fun.

I fell in love on the spot.

Now I am part of the glorious team that puts this event together every three months.

One of our main tasks: keeping it fun and funky. Hear what the neighbors have to say: 


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