Geschichten aus Kalifornien

Manchmal reicht es mir nicht mehr, journalistisch zu verarbeiten, was ich als Reporterin erlebe. Deshalb schreibe ich hier hier Gedanken, Beobachtungen und Gefühle jenseits der Berichterstattung auf. Es ist ein Experiment, das mir viel Spass und manchmal Angst macht. Aber es heisst ja, man soll raus aus der Komfortzone.

“What does the world I want to create sound like?”

Hans Zimmer still pinches himself every day realizing that a “kid from Germany that didn’t do any good in school suddenly is a composer in Hollywood”. I met Zimmer in his windowless studio in Santa Monica, where he sat down in jeans and T-Shirt between red plush chairs, computer monitors, a piano and several electric guitars to talk with me about creating the Oscar-nominated Inception score, his life in Hollywood, longing for Europe and his aversion for award ceremonies.

Why Battle: Los Angeles was filmed in Louisiana

So there is this new movie coming out soon: Battle: Los Angeles. Sure we will see lots of familiar places like Downtown’s skyscrapers and the Santa Monica Pier with it’s landmark ferris wheel, right? Yes we will! The weird thing about it is: the movie has been shot in Louisiana.

“What is in your heart that you have to share with the world?”

Afraid of public speaking? Feeling sweat in the palms of your hands just thinking about it? Losing your voice doing it? Don’t despair! Not only are most people like you, even celebrities with all their star-qualities in front of the camera. More importantly: you have the charisma, you have the magic inside of you to be a great public speaker. You have everything it takes to inspire and even change people who listen to you.

Earbits - Artist-Driven Online Radio

“Serious musicians only gig, record - that’s their life and we want to create an outlet for them to be heard”

Joey Flores, Yotam Rosenbaum and their 10 piece funk and hip hop band The Capitalist Hippie Complex were on the road to success: they got great reviews for their first CD, opened for the Grammy-winning group Arrested Development and were ready to take on the music world.

Food is Just Everywhere

A guest entry by my intern Lena Schütz

Food is everywhere: fast food restaurants, delis, diners, food trucks and food courts.

When it comes to the omnipresence of food, the US definitely confirms all prejudices. But being exposed to images of burgers and Co. even while watching television was new for me: flame-grilled chicken, pizza with dripping extra cheese, stuffed tacos, gigantic paper cups full of chicken wings, 6-inch sandwiches, French croissants with meat and cheese. And of course - everything served with a coke, please!