Rose And 5th

First published: August 2016
Published by: KCRW IPPRadioRace
Length: 4:00 Min

It is one of the world's most desirable areas to live: the corner of Rose and 5th in Venice Califronia: sun, ocean, love, peace, beautiful people and happiness. That's where I met Shotgun Willie, sitting shirtless on a curb.

I was out there hoping to find a story for the 4th KCRW IPP (Independent Producer Project) Radio Race. The theme announced three hours earlier: Out of Range. My concept: to talk with people living close to each other and at the same time being totally out of range of each other. So I sat down next to this homeless guy. I did not have to go any further. Trained to kill as a sniper many of the things he had hoped for are now totally out of his life's range. 

The 2016 KCRW IPP RadioRace

Going South from LA in the 60s

First published: February 2015
Station/Published by: soundslikerstin
Length: 3:10 Min

Bruce Corwin was 25 years old when he heard Dr. Martin Luther King speak at Temple Israel of Hollywood. The sermon inspired him to go South to see for himself what racism and segregation meant. He was shocked, seeing the signs and hearing the words for the first time. Corwin remembers the trip south as an important time in his life. Until today it is hard to comprehend how the best apple pie he ever had and racism would go together. He is still engaged in action for social justice.

College Isn't For Us - Growing Up In South LA

Aired: June 2014
Station: KCRW
Length: 10:30 Min

Skylar went to college, Randall to prison, even though they used to be best friends as kids, playing for hours every day growing up on the same block in South Central L.A..

What happened?

Skylar tries to find out. One question has been haunting her for a while: why did she at age twelve know she was going to go to college while her best buddy, Randallwas sure: "College isn't for us! For me? Nope. Never!"

Produced for KCRW's UnFictional as part of the Independent Producer Project

KCRW UnFictional


Falling - A Father-Son Story of Survival


Aired: July 2013
Station: KCRW
Length: 28:00 Min

In February of 1979 a small plane crashed into the icy San Gabriel mountains east of Los Angeles. Three people died. The only survivor was eleven year old Norman Ollestad who had to make his way down to a village by himself. Faced with inconceivable loss and unforgiving weather conditions Norman discovered that his father - who died in the crash - had taught him lessons essential for his survival.

Produced with Bob Carlson as part of KCRW's Independent producer Project

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Let's Sell Everything And Hit The Road


First published: April 2014
Published by: soundslikerstin
Length: 3:20 Min

No more excuses for not selling all the stuff you got, leaving everything behind and following your heart, desire, gut or whatever has been tagging on you for a while. Robyn Rosenkrantz and Michael Glover did just that in 1990. Ever since they have been globe traveling musicians, adventurers and filmmakers. They have neither a permanent residence nor needless posessions. 11 CDs, more than 3000 LIVE performances, five feature films and some awards later they talked to me about how they made and make it work.

Bright Blue Gorilla